Friday, 13 June 2008

Help Save Serena - help needed now.. Time is running out

Time is running out for Serena. It has been about five weeks now since the initial story broke about the return of Serena's Neuroblastoma, which my beautiful daughter Serena was first diagnosed with about 18 months ago. She is currently receiving chemotherapy, but this is only to prolong her life, and to make her strong enough for pioneering treatment in America.
Serena is stable at the moment and on medication throughout the day.
The situation is getting very desperate. Her only chance is to go to America but it's about trying to get the money in time to get her there..

Serena A week ago..

Can you Help my Sister ? .. A Monster's Plea

What's that coming over the hill? is it a monster? is it a monster?... No It's Serena's little brother Kieran Souissi, Kieran is two and a half years old (but the size of a five year old!!) Isn't he handsome? (takes after his father..) Kieran loves and adores his big sister (apart from when she smacks him..) and would be lost without her.